Reservations regarding the results of the rent screening on

The result presumes that the user’s leased residence is:

  1. An actual lease arrangement, not a subletting arrangement.
  2. A privately leased residence (i.e., not public housing or similar).
  3. Not a “mixed” lease (i.e., one where a portion of the lease is commercial).
  4. The property began to be leased before 31 December 1991.
  5. Not located in an unregulated municipality.
  6. Not part of a property subject to regulations on index-financed construction or special urban renewal regulations.
  7. Not a furnished residence in a previous commercial-use lease, attic space, or newly furnished floor.
  8. Not covered by the rent setting provisions of §47-52 of the Rental Act.
  9. Not covered by the rent setting provisions of §5 (1), (7), or (8) of the Housing Regulation Act; i.e., expense-based rent, since these rent setting provisions require a critical review of the most recent notice and accompanying attachments of an expense-based rent budget
Beyond the conditions listed above, the result of the rent screening is an estimate with no obligations. The estimate does not represent any kind of guarantee of a practical reduction in rent.