Terms of business

This section covers the specific terms of business that apply to Advokatfirmaet Hedehøj (Hedehøj Law Firm) in connection with cases related to CheckRent.dk. To view Advokatfirmaet Hedehøj (Hedehøj Law Firm)’s ordinary terms of business for other cases, or if there is no agreement otherwise, please see this link.

These terms of business apply to any job that we take on. We are additionally subject to legal ethics regulations.


Before we begin working, you will receive a letter of engagement that includes a description of the service we will provide, the process, and settlement details. The letter of engagement will be sent by email.


When you give your acceptance, you consent to our commencement of work — before the ordinary withdrawal period has expired. You thereby waive your right of withdrawal.


Before we begin a case, we will evaluate whether a conflict of interest exists. If a conflict of interest develops during the case, we may be required to withdraw from the matter.

In cases where we represent numerous parties in a contractual relationship, we can only represent you as long as you are all in agreement as to the terms of the contract. If disagreements occur, we may be required to withdraw.


As lawyers, we are subject to the Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act. We are thereby obligated to verify the identity of our clients. For those with a Danish CPR (personal ID) number, this verification is performed through NemID. For those without a Danish CPR number, this verification is performed by obtaining a copy of a passport or driver’s licence and proof of address. We cannot begin working until we have received this identifying information.


We are obligated to professional secrecy and treat all information we receive from our clients as confidential, provided that the information is solely related to our legal work; however, the client does consent to the exchange of information with CheckRent.dk; cf. § 6.


Clients give their irrevocable consent to the sharing of all information between CheckRent.dk (Advoca ApS) and Advokatfirmaet Hedehøj (Hedehøj Law Firm), such that information regarding (e.g.) your lease, correspondence, the handling of your case, and the result may be exchanged between the two businesses; provided, however, that this information is treated as especially confidential.


The prices for lease cases can be found on the CheckRent.dk website, and we have agreed upon special, advantageous prices for CheckRent.dk and its users. We aim to provide fixed prices, but this is not always possible. It may be difficult to ascertain the scope of certain special kinds of jobs; in these cases, we provide estimates instead.


The counsel we provide is targeted and individualised. Our counsel must not be used in other contexts, and we are responsible solely for the counsel we offer to paying clients.


Our clients may freely use the materials we have prepared for them once clients have paid the fee for the work performed. The copyright and other intellectual property rights are held by Advokatfirmaet Hedehøj (Hedehøj Law Firm) unless otherwise agreed in writing.


We shall be responsible for a given case until its conclusion unless, prior to that point, the client requests that it be terminated.


We shall retain all data for as long as is necessary for the handling of the case, or to comply with legal obligations.


We are liable for our counsel according to the ordinary regulations of Danish law, and we are insured for liability by a recognised insurance company. Our liability relative to legal counsel is limited to that amount paid by our insurer plus our excesses.

Our liability does not extend to consequent financial losses, including operating losses, loss of data, loss of profits, goodwill, image, and so on. This also applies to other forms of indirect loss.

Naturally, we cannot be held liable for errors committed by external counsel to which we may refer a client, nor for errors committed by subcontractors which we — with our client’s agreement — have entrusted with portions of a job.


Our clients’ satisfaction is highly important to us. We ask that any complaints be directed to dmt@advokatdaniella.dk.

If we cannot resolve the issue amicably, a complaint may be filed with the Disciplinary Board of the Danish Bar and Law Society.


Any dispute between us and a client that cannot be resolved amicably shall be decided by the appropriate court in accordance with Danish law.


If you have deposited funds into our customer account in connection with a case, purchase price, compensation received, or share capital, then once its purpose has been fulfilled or the case has concluded, we must receive the banking details necessary for us to return these funds to you by bank transfer clearly, in writing, and as soon as possible. In all instances of company formation, we are only able to transfer share capital to a business account in the company’s name; in all other cases, only to an account owned by our client.


Should your case be covered by the provisions of the Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (the Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act), then as your lawyers, we are obligated to send you this notice, as well as to collect and retain identifying information about you. If we should suspect that you plan to launder money or finance terrorism, we are obligated to inform the State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK) of your activities, as well as to forward your identifying information to the SØIK. We may not notify you of whether an investigation has taken place.

You can read more about these legal ethics regulations by clicking this link.

April 2020